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Upcoming workshops featuring expert guest speakers in health and wellness fields, and social events designed to celebrate our sense of community


Join me and special guest Anna Ohe, CPT, of Chapel Hill Training as she hones in on how our daily habits affect our balance. In this 90-minute in-person workshop, Anna will address:

  • Basic anatomy of the foot, ankle, knee and hip

  • How your foot and ankle mechanics help or hinder your stability

  • How your daily habits of sitting, walking, and driving your car affect the alignment of your hips, and throw you out of balance

  • How to strengthen in these positions so you have more mobility and less pain​

Anna will lead us through basic sitting and standing exercises, and you will receive a PDF of the exercises and a theraband, so you can start building healthy habits of movement at home!

Wednesday, Nov 9 at 6:00


Are you experiencing pelvic health issues, but are unsure where to turn for support? You're not alone. Claire Sparrow of Whole Body Pelvic Health has made it her mission to break the barrier of speaking about pelvic health and to help women live with more confidence, awareness and better health. Join us for a 90-minute online workshop featuring:

  • An educational presentation touching upon the most common pelvic health issues, including diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and pain - and how to approach them.

  • A movement practice designed to teach you how to engage and strengthen your pelvic floor in order to restore your pelvic health.

  • Ample time for discussion, questions and answers.

Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels supported, comfortable and confident. You will leave the workshop with a PDF of all exercises so you can continue to practice at home. Claire will also provide a generous discount to her online course, which delves deeper into pelvic health.

Sunday, Dec 4 at 11:00

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